Universal Coater P-FF

Universal Coater P-FF

Machine Overview

This machine is designed to resemble a mass production machine with an emphasis on versatility and high-speed coating. It can handle a variety of coating types, and features a drying device that combines 3 zones with variable nozzle types.
Line operation management is powered by the CCC system, which is Hirano’s centralized device management system. It improve functionality and operability.

Machine Spec

Roll width 1,150mm
Machine speed 3~200m/min(possible up to 500m/min)
Drying temperature 60~200℃
Drying length 3m/zone ×3 zones(floating nozzle, nozzle with roll)

Coater Type

Comma Direct, Comma Reverse, Lip Direct, Slot Die, DV Die, FX Die® (continuous coating, intermittent coating,multi-layer coating)


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