Sheet Forming Multicoater M-600SF

Sheet Forming Multicoater M-600SF

Machine Overview

This machine has been developed to the purpose for casting process of green sheets (ceramics) , from thin to thicker thickness. This machine is ideal to sheet casting range from 2 to 300 μm at dry.
It is particularly suited to run stably at a very lower to middle range speeds (0.1 to 20 m/min).
The drying zones combines parallel air flow and an electric infrared wavelength control units to effective drying performance.

Machine Spec

Roll width 600mm
Machine speed 0.1~20m/min
Drying temperature 60~160℃
Drying length 2m/zone×3zones
Accessory Equipment IR Heater(Compartment 1: Electric IR,Compartment 2,3: Heating Medium IR)

Coater Type

Comma Direct, Lip Direct, Slot Die


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