Information Security Basic Policy

We at HIRANO TECSEED manufacture machinery and equipment that enables our customers to develop and manufacture new products. Our customers trust us with important information assets that allow us to develop machines for them. Therefore, we consider it highly important for us to honor our customers’ trust by utilizing their information assets while protecting them properly.

We are deeply aware of how important it is to manage information security risks so as to safeguard our customers’ information assets and our proprietary technologies. This strengthens our commitment to maintaining and enhancing information security by taking measures to deal with information security threats that include, but are not limited to, unauthorized access, leakage, tampering, alteration, destruction, and loss of information assets, as well as information system failures.

HIRANO Group shall:

1. Comply with the applicable legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements for information security while striving to maintain and manage information assets properly in order to meet our customers’ expectations.
2. Establish an information asset management system by creating our own in-house information security rules to ensure that information assets are protected and information that needs to be disclosed is treated in an appropriate manner.
3. Make sure all employees who handle information assets receive education and training about information security to raise their awareness and skills so as to ensure the implementation of our information security efforts.
4. Conduct a risk assessment to identify information security risks such as leakage, tampering, alteration, destruction or loss of information assets, and take all necessary actions to keep information assets secure and uncorrupted.
5. Properly deal with any legal, regulatory, or contractual violations or accidents that involve information security and make efforts to prevent recurrences.
6. Continually review and improve our information security commitments described above in order to respond to changes in laws, regulations, or common practices of society, as well as any findings from audits of our information security management system.

Established on April 1, 2021

Hirano Tecseed Co., Ltd.


Kaoru Okada