Lithium-ion Battery Electrode Coater R-800DB

Lithium-ion Battery Electrode Coater R-800DB

Machine Overview

This machine has been developed mainly to coating process for lithium-ion secondary batteries electrode. This machine consists of Coating and Drying equipment to achieve the mass production process of electrode plates (cathode/anode materials) which is a key process in battery manufacturing field. It uses a slot die head coating process and can provide coating styles to meet the demands of varieties , such as continuous coating, intermittent coating and simultaneous double-sided coating etc.

Machine Spec

Roll width 800mm
Machine speed 1~100m/min
Drying temperature 60~150℃
Drying length 3m/zone × 3 zones
Accessory Equipment Film Thickness Measuring Instrument(X-ray type), Superheated Steam Drying

Coater Type

Die Coater (continuous coating, intermittent coating, simultaneous double-sided coating)


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