Closed Type Coater

The following closed system coaters are offered by HIRANO TECSEED.
Our range includes coaters with generic versatility as well as a variety of coating methods that enable special high precision film coating.

Introducing Closed Type Coater

Lip Direct

LIP coaters are the number one selling product line in our company. This coater uses a completely closed coating method combining high versatility and simple operability. This method is used mainly for producing medium thickness coating using medium to high viscosity resin.
A specialized controller is used to adjust the pressure inside the die lip. The gap is adjusted automatically allowing for high precision coating.
A positioner equipped with center bending functionality enables film thickness adjustment in the width direction.


High precision coating, high coating quality, good continuous stability, automatic operation

Reference range of application
Coating speed:1~400m/min
Coating amount:10-1000μm・Wet
Use examples:Adhesives, including those for optical use; electronic materials (DFR, FCCL, MLCC, inductors, and thermistors); etc.

FX Die®

A die coater utilizing a lip positioner. This uses a die coating method that allows adjustment of coating thickness in the central area.
For thin coating, this method is better suited than the lip method because the wetted length is shorter than that of the lip method.


High precision coating, high coating quality, good continuous stability

Reference range of application
Coating speed:1~200m/min
Coating amount:10~1000μm・Wet
Use examples:Adhesives including optical use, electronic materials (DFR, FCCL), etc.

Capillary Coater

A resin supply coating method in which fluid supply is provided by capillary action through narrow slits. This method is suitable for low viscosity thin coating and allows for ultra-high precision coating. This coating method can be used in both sheetbased and continuous roll-to-roll styles of natural supply methods.


Thin coating, ultra-high precision coating, coating of high value added products

Reference range of application
Coating speed:0.01~10m/min
Coating amount:1~20μm・Wet
Use examples:Optical materials, Electronic materials, Photomasks


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