Top Message and Corporate Philosophy

FY2023 Business Priority Policy

"Be an excellent company
continuing through the next 100 Years!"

We commit ourselves to contributing to society through our corporate activities.

President Kaoru Okada

Creating the future with human and technical resources

After our founding in June 1935, we progressed from developing heat exchangers to manufacturing ventilation machinery, and accumulated various technologies for heat and air circulation that helped us grow into a specialized maker of drying machinery. We then enhanced our drying know-how with coating technologies, gradually refining the mix into our current range of production machinery, supplied B2B, in such fields as display and electronic materials, rechargeable batteries and fuel cells, medical products and carbon fiber products.
At the core of our product line is our comprehensive skill in monozukuri, the craft and spirit of making things, plus a fusion of our well-proven drying and coating technologies and a unique web-running technology using a roll-to-roll process that provides substantial productivity gains.

The Hirano Tecseed Group companies are well positioned to continue pressing boldly forward, further developing our comprehensive technology portfolio to create more advanced machinery that precisely meets the manufacturing needs for next-generation products in many fields.

Corporate Philosophy

Underlying principle
Creating the future with human and technical resources
Emphasizing job satisfaction and personal motivation
Create the Best with the Latest Technology.
Achieve the Highest Reliability with the Best Products.


Be proactive.
Keep taking on new challenges.
Cooperate with others.
Expand your intellect.
Look for unique solutions.
Contribute to the next generation.