• Creating the future
    with human and technical resources

    Dedication and wisdom create the seeds of advanced technologies, and excellent technologies support industry and enrich life. With an operation rooted in human wants and needs, Hirano Tecseed is a globally active technology-oriented company. And now, it is embarking on new challenges that look to the future.

  • The original systematization technology combines 'heat and circulated air' as well as the advanced technology 'coating and line control'

    At HIRANO TECSEED, the establishment of basic technology and unique technical development are furthered taking advantage of HIRANO TECSEED's abundant knowledge and expertise in the field of 'heat and circulated air' and 'coating and line control' technology.

  • What kind of company is HIRANO TECSEED?


Oct 01, 2019 Notice
Notice of completion of the Kizugawa Factory construction
Feb 12, 2019 Notice
Our website has recently been renewed.
Oct 31, 2019 Exhibition
Highly-functional FILM EXPO
Jan 07, 2019 Exhibition
We exhibited at Convertech JAPAN 2019
Dec 05, 2018 Technical
The 9th Film Tech Japan (Panels are exhibited to introduce the new, two-layer FX die units, two-layer R2 units, and other features.)
Apr 05, 2017 Technical
The 8th Film Tech Japan (Panels are exhibited to introduce the new, three-layer die units, and other features.)
Jan 10, 2017 Technical
Convertech JAPAN 2017 (Panels are exhibited to introduce the new, grip feed equipment, three-layer die units, and other items.)
Jun 01, 2016 Technical
Functions added to a testing machine: HB (Laminating rolls are modified so they can deliver heat.)