Hybrid Coater

Hybrid Coater

Machine Overview

This machine be located high level clean room(Class 100 in coating section) and have capability to coat accurately even if very thin thickness with various innovative design concept.
And this machine is equipped with a wide variety of unit-changing coating systems and the clean dryer with roll less mild zone , floating nozzles zones , ensuring the coating test that simulated real production process.

Machine Spec

Roll width 1,200mm
Machine speed 2~150m/min
Drying temperature 60~170℃
Drying length 4m/zone x 3 zones(roll less mild and floating nozzles)
Accessory Equipment UV Machine (supports nitrogen purge), Defect Inspection Device, High Density Static Eliminator

Coater Type (unit changing® type)

*Slot Die, DV Die, Kiss Reverse Gravure, Doctor Chamber Gravure, R&R (R2)


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