Policy for the protection of personal information

Policy for the protection of personal information

HIRANO TECSEED Co. Ltd. (the "Company") considers it is an important social responsibility to recognize the significance of the personal information of our customers and business partners, and to protect and properly deal with such information.

The Company has established regulations for the protection of personal information and has thoroughly required all of our employees to become familiarized with them. In addition, we observe any other related regulations, while dealing with the following issues and making continuous efforts to further improve them.

1. Collection and control of personal information

The Company collects personal information in a lawful and fair manner. In addition, we clarify both a manager and a person in charge who deals with collected information.

Personal information is collected only as far as required for the purpose, and appropriate measurements are taken for its storage and control.

2. Purpose of using personal information

Collected personal information is used for the following purposes only. No information is or will be used beyond these purposes.

  • 1.To announce and provide information regarding the Company's products, services, and other relevant issues.
  • 2.To reply to inquiries from our customers, business partners, or other related parties.
  • 3.To announce and organize questionnaires, campaigns, events, etc.
3. Disclosure of personal information

The Company never discloses collected personal information to third parties unless.

  • 1.The individual concerned has consented to the disclosure.
  • 2.The disclosure is required or authorized by the courts or under law.
  • 3.The individual concerned will not be identified.
  • 4.The disclosure to subcontractors is required to consign whole or partial management of personal information for achieving the purpose.

NOTE: In the case that the Company consigns the management of personal information to third parties, appropriate supervision is executed by the conclusion of agreements or other methods in order to avoid the leakage of information by the consignees.

4. Contact address regarding personal information

Regarding inquiries related to personal information, content confirmation, claims, and any other related matters, the individual concerned or his/her lawful agent is requested to contact the following address. Please note that we may need to confirm that the contacting person is the individual concerned or his/her agent.


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