CAP Coater for Large-sized Substrate

Machine Overview

This machine was developed for coating on large glass substrates intended for the FPD industry.
This machine equipped underside coating type nozzle, which make it possible without contact between the substrate and the nozzle.
The glass substrate adsorb and invert on the chucking table to perform capillarity coating.
This machine achieves great coating solution reduction with utilization efficiency of more than 95%, making it a thin coating with unprecedented precision. Drying can be handled with reduced-pressure drying and hot plate drying.

Machine Spec

Plate size Max.800×950mm
Plate thickness 0.7~8mm
Machine speed 0.2~5m/min
Coating thickness 0.05~5.0μm (DRY)
Acceptable viscosity Max.30mPa・s
Minimum required resin Min.4000cc

Coater Type

Capillary Type


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